Uhaul Truck Rental Sizes and Prices Near Me (2023)

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When you rent a truck, you’ve got to return it with the exact same quantity of fuel they were dispatched with. So, no matter how much household stuff that you have, you never need to worry when you rent a truck from us.

So long as the truck you will need is available, you can earn a reservation and pick up for the exact same day. Enterprise trucks appeal to businesses looking to be efficient in regards to moving their cargo.

The trucks vary in age, though nothing looks particularly old. Finally, choose the date that it will be returned to the company. While it might be hard to picture a 16-foot moving truck, it’s simple to understand that one will have the ability to hold the contents of a few rooms.


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Uhaul Truck Rental

U-Haul rental rates: Local move

If you’re moving within the same city or area, you can expect cheaper rates than long-distance moves. U-Haul prices start at a $19.95 flat-rate fee for in-town moves, and you’re also charged per mile. Flat rates go up depending on U-Haul truck sizes. For instance, a pickup truck is the cheapest option, while some U-Haul rentals are trucks big enough for three to four-bedroom homes.

Add-ons for U-Haul rental trucks include extra mileage, fuel costs, environmental fee, taxes,

damage protection, and insurance coverage, so make room for those costs in your budget!
Truck Size Base Price Included Mileage Estimated Fuel Costs
10-foot $19.95 $0.79 per mile $37.28 (based on 12 mpg)
15-foot $29.95 $0.79 per mile $44.74 (based on 10 mpg)
20-foot $39.95 $0.79 per mile $44.74 (based on 10 mpg)
26-foot $39.95 $0.79 per mile $44.74 (based on 10 mpg)

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*This estimate is for a local Charlotte move. To get the online quote, we input a move Wednesday one-day move date in December 2020. To estimate fuel costs, we assumed 200 miles and $2.237 as the average national gas price as of this article’s production.

Frequently asked questions

How‌ ‌much‌ ‌does‌ ‌it‌ ‌cost‌ ‌to‌ ‌rent‌ ‌a‌ ‌U-Haul?‌ ‌ ‌

The cost can vary greatly depending on factors such as the mileage amount used, the add-ons you choose, the size of the truck, etc. Make sure you do your research so there are no unexpected fees.

Is ‌PODS‌ ‌or‌ ‌U-Haul‌ ‌better?‌

PODS have become very popular in recent years. Many people like the concept of shipping their belongings, rather than hauling them on the freeway. Other people want their prized possessions under their control at all times. It all depends on which process you prefer. ‌

Should I purchase insurance?

Insurance is important. However, if you have your own homeowners or renters plan that will cover the trip, then you might not need to worry about it. Make sure you do your research beforehand.

How old do I need to be to rent a U-Haul truck?

You need to be 18 to rent a truck, but you can drive one at 16 with a valid driver’s license.

Can I pick it up and drop it off at different locations?

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Yes. This is the beauty of U-Haul having so many locations nationwide. You can pick it up in the city you are moving from and drop it off in the city you are moving to. Simple as that.

How much does it cost to rent a U-Haul for a day?

Single-day U-Haul rentals start as low as $19.95, though prices vary depending on the type of vehicle you need and the total mileage you’ll be driving.

Does U-Haul have discounts?

U-Haul offers a variety of discounts and special offers that you can browse on the U-Haul website. Discounts vary and may change from location to location, so be sure to contact your local U-Haul for more information.

Is Penske cheaper than U-Haul?

In general, Penske costs slightly higher than U-Haul. However, Penske’s prices vary similarly to U-Haul, so costs will depend on your individual needs.

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Once you have selected a truck, the browser will subsequently estimate the rental fee based on the estimated variety of miles to be covered.

Your Budget truck will also include a GPS system to help you locate your way to your new residence with ease, even when you’re relocating to an unfamiliar place. The truck was in terrific condition.

Renting out trucks for individual usage, such much like a move, is a newer portion of the organization. The value and maximum time a car might be used also varies. The keys can subsequently be found somewhere within the car like the glove compartment.

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No apologies that the cars are unavailable and no professionalism once I said I cannot drive a truck. The 2019 Lexus Lx 570 car is the ideal choise for auto lovers. Obviously, conventional thinking that individuals would rather buy vehicles rather than renting. You will also need to select the automobile type.

Uhaul Truck Rental – moving truck rental

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Enterprise is more competitive than you could think. It has many corporate clients. As a very green company, it is looking to the future of the environment.

The Tried and True Method for Military Discount Uhaul Truck Rental in Step by Step Detail. Your options vary, based on the state from which you’re moving. Frankly, it isn’t the very best option even when you’re only moving a bit further away from where you currently reside.

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You should also learn whether the business provides additional insurance options that are intended to secure your premises. Penske Truck Rental is among the latest truck rentals in the business and also among the largest in the United States of america.

Enterprise truck rental is a superb place to have a truck and the guy to receive it from is Kevin. Not only is obtaining a truck simple, but Budget Truck Rental makes it effortless to understand what size truck you will need.

Uhaul Truck Rental – u-haul phone number

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Budget Truck Rental is among the top truck rental options with cheapest offers and superior assurance. Enterprise rentals for trucks are offered for short or long-term usage.

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Enterprise Truck Rentals When it has to do with an upcoming move, whether it’s local or long-distance, rental trucks for moving could be absolutely the most convenient and economical means to go.

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With over 20 decades of experience, the business offers packing and unpacking services, in addition to disassembling and reassembling furniture. It never took my credit card information, which is different from most other moving companies.

If you’re ending subscriptions or changing companies, you might need to arrange a last bill or offer a forwarding address. Then read on, and let’s help you determine which truck rental organization is ideal for you as well as your move.

Uhaul Truck Rental – u haul trailer rental prices per day

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Enterprise truck rental company will give you an array of trucks to select from with an array of capacities so finding one to fit your items comfortably is usually effortless, you are going to be in a position to continue to keep your items packed intact and spend less by making use of the enterprise truck rental best promo codes.

If a company doesn’t have an office close to the destination the should just say so. Having a little company has its perks though it can be rather expensive to get a truck on day one of a company that’s yet to have sufficient capital for that.

Uhaul Truck Rental Sizes and Prices Near Me (7)

if you’ve got to ferry goods from 1 place to another, why don’t you employ the Enterprise truck rental and apply the enterprise truck rental best promo codes to pay a discount. There are lots of truck rental businesses in the Enterprise region.

The 5-Minute Rule for Military Discount Uhaul Truck Rental. Carsharing services are offered in over 1,000 cities in a number of nations. Based on the business, the customer might be given a key to a lock box that includes the ignition key itself.

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Uhaul Truck Rental – cargo van rental

As you most likely already know, truck rental businesses enable customers to rent a huge vehicle in which they may schlep the complete contents of their house or apartment from one spot to another.


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