Uhaul Car Trailer Rental: Save Money/Time on Your Next Road Trip (2023)

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When it comes to moving, Uhaul car trailer rental is the way to go. u-haul offers an efficient and affordable option for your move. The company makes it easy by having a location in most cities across the country, so you know that when you need one, u-haul will be there! Find out more about u-hauls’ commitment to customer service before making your next move with their efficient u haul car trailer rentals. This blog post will discuss all details about u-haul car trailer rentals, so if you’re interested in finding out more, keep reading.

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Why Uhaul?

The Uhaul company has been in business since 1945, and they are one of the most well-known names in moving today. They have a variety of rental options available to make your move as easy and affordable as possible! Their trucks are large enough that you won’t need multiple trips. You can also rent their boxes, which saves both time and money. As long as the truck has been returned on time with no damage, there is no extra charge for an extension if needed—which makes them perfect for those last-minute moves or unexpected events!

Similarly, their trailers can be towed by any vehicle with a hitch, so you don’t need a truck or van to use them. They also offer storage services if you’re not ready yet to unload your items after your move is complete. Uhaul offers affordable rates for moving: residential, commercial, or business. If you hire them today they will give away free mattress covers at no extra cost!

Why Uhaul Car Trailer Rental?

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U-Haul Car Trailer Rental is the best way to transport your car. You can rent a trailer for up to 4 days at a time. Their car trailers are perfect for smaller moves like apartment to apartment or home to home. The Uhaul car trailer has space for 2 cars, and you can tow it using any vehicle with an appropriate hitch. Moreover, all trailers are equipped with safety features, including lights and breakaway cables in case of emergency. The Uhaul company also offers various options so that you get what you need without breaking the bank – reserve online or call 1-800-UHAUL (852) 9253! Finally, renting a car trailer from U-Haul is easy; all you have to do is give them your zip code and they’ll find one near you!

  • The best way to transport your car is to hire U-Haul Car Trailer Rentals.
  • You can rent a trailer for as little as $4 per day
  • Choose from 8 different sizes of trailers, with prices ranging from $4-$14 per day
  • All trailers are equipped with tie-downs and safety chains to ensure your vehicle stays in place on the trailer during transport
  • The company offers pickup and drop-off services at any location nationwide, so you don’t have to worry about transporting it yourself or getting someone else to do it for you
  • U-Haul also offers other types of rentals such as trucks, moving vans, storage units, and more! Check out their website today!

What is a Car Trailer Rental?

A car trailer is a type of light-duty cargo-hauling equipment that can be pulled by cars, trucks, or tractors. It consists of an open frame with low sides and a tailgate which may have racks to secure the load as well as stake pockets for attaching bungee cords to hold it down during transport. A car/truck /trailer rental is when you rent one of these things so you can haul your stuff somewhere without having to buy anything yourself.

Benefits of renting a car trailer

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The benefits of renting a car trailer are endless! Having a car hauler is great for anyone who wants to save time and money during transportation. Whether it’s moving long-distance or transporting several cars at once, renting a car hauler will make things much easier for you! All you have to do is call the car trailer company up today!

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One best car trailer available today are Uhaul and they’ll be happy to explain their services in detail over the phone or schedule an appointment where they can show you firsthand how the car trailers work out best for your needs. There might be car hauler rental companies out there, but you’ll never find one as great as Uhaul! Therefore, don’t wait another minute. Call Uhaul today to get started with your car hauler rental experience!

Renting car trailers can be beneficial to all types of car owners, whether they are transporting their own vehicles or someone else’s. The following are the benefits of car trailer rentals:

  • Save on fuel
  • No more hassle with storage.
  • Easily transport a car without a towbar, you just need your car key to hook up the car onto the car hauler.

How to use your new car trailer?

A car hauler is no different from any other trailer in terms of safety. Whether you’re transporting your antique automobile to the local automobile show or towing a vehicle to the garage, when you use a car hauler, safety must come first. Let’s look at how to load and tow a car hauler safely.

To prepare your car hauler for loading, begin by inspecting the trailer floor for damage, tie-down rings, and track system for looseness or signs of bending. Broken or loose tie-down rings and rails might cause the goods to become free, resulting in a shift in the center of gravity. This change in the center of gravity may lead to a loss of control over your vehicle carrier, so be sure to test these items before loading them. Never utilize faulty or loose tie-downs or tracks to secure your cargo.

Then, attach the car hauler to your tow vehicle and make sure they’re parked on a firm, flat surface with the parking brakes engaged on both vehicles. Clear an area around the car hauler and then connect it to your tow truck. Once coupled, be sure that the coupler and safety chains are properly attached to the towing vehicle – you should never try to put a car onto a car hauler that hasn’t been connected to a tow truck. Also, be sure that the electrical wiring of the car hailer is connected and operating properly.

Steps to load it!

You’re now ready to load your car onto the car hauler. To ensure that you load your vehicle hauler securely, follow these steps:

  • If your car hauler is fitted with rear stabilizers, lower them or block the back of your vehicle hauler. This will ensure that the weight of the automobile you are loading does not raise the front end of the vehicle hauler during this operation.
  • Remove the steps from their storage position and attach them to the end of your car hauler. To line up with the vehicle or equipment’s tires, adjust their placement as needed.

How do I know if the size of my vehicle will fit in the trailer?

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Car trailer rentals can be tricky to get the right size for. The last thing you want is a rental that doesn’t fit your vehicle or, even worse, one that’s too small and leaves visible damage when in tow. These are just a few things to look out for before picking up a rental:

  • check height restrictions on bridges if using an overpass road trip route
  • ensure there’s enough space between lamps posts/ mailboxes when driving through town
  • measure from wheelbase to roof so you have options available at pick up location
  • try not to add any addons such as bike racks which will affect the overall height of the rig once it’s packed full of cargo!

Ideally, car towing trailers will have a height of no more than the car’s roof, which is about two meters tall. This is to ensure car rentals fit within the car trailer without any issues. You will also need at least two meters between your car and bike racks or other add-ons.

U-Haul Car Trailer Rental: Moving Made Easy

U-Haul auto transport trailers are car carriers that are ideal for long-distance moves and can carry a maximum load of 5,290 lbs. To move your automobile safely and securely, Uhaul’s auto transport trailers have an easy-access loading ramp, security chains, and ratchet-operated tire straps.

  • An affordable car trailer from Uhaul
  • It has a loading ramp that makes it easy to get in and out of the truck.
  • This trailer also has many safety features, including an emergency brake.

There are several types of vehicle trailers available for rent; nevertheless, the U-Haul unique car trailer design outperforms the competition in a variety of areas. It has automated brakes, an easy-access loading ramp with tilt-out fenders, and hassle-free door entry. Renting this superior vehicle trailer will make moving easier than ever before.

The basic fact is that all of their customers understand that they are the best in class when it comes to both customer service and value. One unique U-Haul advantage is that their auto transport rentals can be used for one-way as well as inside-city moves behind your own tow vehicle, as well as behind our moving trucks. When towing with your personal car, you’ll need a 1 7/8″ or 2″ hitch ball, a correctly rated hitch system, external mirrors, and fully functional lighting.

(Video) My first time towing with a Uhaul Auto transport | My Advice For First Timers | and I rant a little

Why choose Uhaul Car Trailer for your next truck rental?

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U-Haul will provide an exact quote for your truck combination during the reservation process. Rent one of their state-of-the-art automobile trailer trucks now.

  • Deck rails: 39.75″ (2×19″)Deck width is measured on a continuous line, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Deck length is measured from one corner to the opposite end of the boat; this is usually 148″.
  • The minimum width of a deck should be 41″.
  • From one fender to the next, 12″ separate them off the deck.
  • The height off of the surface varies with each model and brand, but it generally ranges between 18 and 20 inches.
  • Outside of ramp is 76.25″.
  • The Ramp length is 77.5″.
  • The height of a deck can range from 19 to 21 inches, depending on your needs and preferences; however, it must not exceed 24 inches for vessels under 40 feet.

Exterior Features

  • Spring-loaded, side-hinged liftgate with easy-access loading ramp.
  • Tilting fender for convenient vehicle entry.
  • Ratchet-operated tire straps.
  • Includes vehicle safety strings.
  • Electric surge brakes System Safety – In the event of a power outage or system failure, the automated hydraulic surge brake will keep your car from rolling.

The Capacity of Uhaul Car trailer rental

  • The maximum load of a Uhaul Car trailer rental is 5,290 pounds.
  • 7500 lbs. is the maximum gross vehicle weight.
  • 2,210 lbs. is the empty weight.

Towing vehicle standards

  • Must be equipped with a hard top if it is an SUV. U-Haul does not allow any type of sport-utility vehicle not equipped with a hardtop to tow U-Haul equipment.
  • Tow vehicle and trailer lights must be on at all times, day or night. All U-Haul trailers are equipped with a 4-way flat light connector.
  • A vehicle’s weight must exceed 3,500 pounds (curb weight). It must weigh at least 3,500 lbs. (curb weight), and it must equal or surpass 80% of the combined weight of the trailer (2,210 lbs.) and the towed car.
  • Must have a towing system with a 5,000 pounds minimum weight-carrying capacity.
  • Should have a 1-7/8″ or 2″ hitch ball (5,000 lbs. minimum) and a maximum allowable hitch ball height of 25″
  • Must not exceed the height limit of the hitch ball.
  • The vehicle must have external mirrors on both sides, as well as fully functional headlights.
  • The maximum permitted speed is 55 miles per hour.
  • Load your trailer so the heavy things are in the back and not in the front.
  • Put on your seatbelt.
  • Reduce the speed at which you drive on a daily basis.

What are some other things that I need to know before renting a U-Haul car trailer from Uhaul?

Uhaul Car Trailer Rental: Save Money/Time on Your Next Road Trip (5)

There are many different types of car trailers that you can choose from when renting a UHaul Car Trailer! Some examples include car carriers and transporters which allow the transport of multiple vehicles at once by being attached to your vehicle’s hitch or pickup truck bed. Hauler trailers have larger ones allowing for more space between cars while still transporting them using no mounting equipment. Stowaway options simply fit in place with no need for any coupling devices as well! If you had more questions about what type is right you check out this blog post

There are many other things that individuals need to know before renting a car from U-haul. Some of these include:

  • The price.
  • How long you can use it?
  • If there is any damage in advance or when returning.

The cost will vary based on location but typically runs about $30-$50 per day plus tax. Individuals can usually rent car trailers for up to one week, but the price will increase as time goes on, so it is best to have a set return date in mind before renting. The car trailer needs to be returned with an empty tank of gas and there should not be any damage or dents at all when returning unless that was part of the agreement beforehand. Otherwise, you could face additional charges if they notice anything wrong after an inspection which may also delay your refund process by several days until everything has been worked out.

Steps for Loading a Car onto Uhaul Auto Transport

The U-Haul Auto Transport trailer may easily tow a car for a cross-country relocation, transport a project car, or any other vehicle towing requirements.

Uhaul U-Box Containers: The Perfect Storage Solution for Your Needs

Don’t try to change the tow vehicle or one being towed without first checking with U-Haul to validate your specific vehicle towing combination. You should not alter the tow vehicle or one being towed without first verifying with U-Haul to revalidate your selection. Check your desired towing combination online before completing your rental transaction. You’ll also need to know the hitch system rating of your towing car.

Suggestions for Using an Auto Transport

  • Consult your vehicle owner’s handbook or a reputable mechanic to figure out what style of towing is appropriate for your car.
  • The tow vehicle must be loaded towards the rear of the transport. Backward towing a car may cause sway or flinging, as well as loss of control.
  • Do not load anything into the towed vehicle. Toward’s towing validation is determined by the empty weight of your car. Cargo may cause the towing vehicle to shake or whip as a result of adding too much weight or changing the weight distribution.

Follow these steps to safely secure your vehicle onto a U-Haul Auto Transport:

1. Park the vehicle you’re towing and the auto transport on a level surface next to each other

  • Set the parking brake and make sure the towing car is in the park.
  • Check the car trailer’s coupler and safety chains to be sure they are properly connected to the towing vehicle. Do not put a car on an auto transport that is unconnected.

2. Prepare the auto transport

(Video) Family SUV versus U-Haul 6x12 Cargo Trailer: overview and towing impressions (Volvo XC90)

  • Remove the tire straps from the ratchets at the trailer’s front end. To release them, pull up on the ratchet handle and push it toward you to unlock it. Then pull out of the ratchet and lay them flat on the deck in a line toward the rear of the truck.
  • Detach the two latches and rotate down the driver’s side fender (above the wheel) to lower it.
  • Remove the loading ramps from the vehicle and store them in their designated location. Remove the latches that hold the ramp in place and pull it completely out.

3. Load the vehicle on the auto transport

  • To secure the car carrier to the vehicle, place it behind it.
  • During loading, do not allow anyone to get in the way of the towing vehicle and automobile transport. If someone is directing the loading process, keep them on the margins.
  • Raise the vehicle’s rear and gently pull it up onto the trailer, stopping when the truck’s wheels come to rest against the front of the trailer.
  • When you get out of the car, make sure it’s in the park and that the parking brake is on.

4. Secure the vehicle on auto transport

  • To align the strap ratchets with the center of the tire, move them left or right.
  • Center the straps over the front tires and buckle them in place.
  • Slide the strap through the ratchet spool slot, leaving at least 6 inches of the strap hanging out of the spool. If there isn’t enough length on your vehicle’s tires to use these straps, you may have to use alternate tie-downs to do so.
  • When all of the ways down, tighten the ratchet and fold down the handle.
  • Secure the vehicle with the security chains to one of the frame or structural components. Fasten the chain to an open link and wrap it around and through a closed link, using s hooks, for extra security. You must complete this task at both ends of the car.
  • Stow the steps by sliding the rear of the carrier into place until the latches snap back and are firmly holding the steps.
  • Lock both latches on the driver’s side fender and raise them (on each side).

Please, while on the road, drive slower than usual and pay attention to the traffic. Avoid utilizing your phone while driving. Stop early and inspect connections along the way. Always wear your seatbelt when traveling.

FAQs about Uhaul Car Trailer Rental

What is a Uhaul car trailer rental and why should I rent one?

A Uhaul car trailer is used to haul your car from one place to another. It’s a great way for you to transport your vehicle without having it drive on its own or being towed by an actual tow truck. You should keep in mind that when renting a car hauling, the best option would be to rent directly from a car hauling company instead of going through some other third party that will charge too much and not gives you any quality service at all.

The bottom line here is – do not go anywhere else but right into some top-notch moving company’s website, such as Uhaul, in order to get what you need when looking for the perfect car trailer rental.

When Uhaul’s car hauler rental is done right, you will be able to experience the benefits of having your car transported safely and securely by truck drivers who know what they are doing. They have been trained to handle car hauling services every day so that they can give their best shot at it when needed.

Not only do the Uhaul trailer rental company employees care about quality service but also safety concerns as well since no one wants any accidents involving moving cars around which are highly possible especially during rush hour traffic or on bad weather days.

So don’t wait until tomorrow – get what you need now while being safe at home with nothing else other than just browsing through the website of a car hauler rental company.

Does your car insurance cover Uhaul car trailer rental?

In most cases, your vehicle insurance does not cover Uhaul trailer rentals. Many personal auto policies have a weight restriction on rental vehicles, much like credit card companies. Though you should verify with your carrier before picking up the hire. Please note that even if your policy covers your hire, you must reimburse U-Haul for the full damage amount when returning.

Can you haul a Uhaul trailer with a rental car?

Yes! U-Haul trailers can usually be towed by most vehicles. To discover which U-Haul trailer can be towed by your car, go to the trailers page of Uhaul and input your pick-up date and location before clicking “Get Rates.” On the following screen, you may enter your vehicle information to see which trailers you may tow.

When can I pick up and drop off my rented trailer at any location near me?

You should confirm that your car trailer rental has a flexible pick-up and drop-off time that works for you, as well as the ability to tow between cities. Make sure there is no extra fee involved with this service too!

Uhaul car trailers offer several types of car trailers from flatbeds to enclosed car trailers. You might choose a different type depending on what kind of car you own. For example, If I needed to transport my motorcycle somewhere it would be best if I used an enclosed Uhaul car trailer so nothing happened to it during transit. While going on vacation? Use one of their travel trailers instead! It can sleep six people comfortably inside–that’s perfect for road trips or camping vacations in general!

(Video) Uhaul 4×8 trailer how to properly connect and what you need to know part 1

The benefits are obvious: car trailers can save car owners hundreds of dollars on renting other kinds of cars for the same job.

How much does it cost to rent a Uhaul car trailer from U-Haul?

You can rent car trailers at any U-Haul location. Each car trailer costs $40 to rent for 24 hours, but if you plan on renting the car trailer more than once over a 30 day period, there is an added fee of $20 per rental that will be applied each time you visit your local U-Haul center. If you have a U-Haul account, car trailers are free to rent for members.

Uhaul Car Trailer Rental Reviews

Uhaul car trailers are some of the most popular in their segment; they get high ratings for value, quality, and performance. Customers have been very pleased with how well these vehicles tow behind a variety of cars from sedans to SUVs, trucks, or vans. The only thing that you may need is an adapter since this trailer does not come standard with one fitted on it however there’s no doubt about U-Haul being your best choice when deciding between renting a car hauler.

However, customers of Uhaul have also been complaining about the poor quality and service they receive from this company. While some reviews mention that renting a car trailer is easy, others say it’s difficult to get in touch with customer support representatives who aren’t helpful or even rude when customers complain about their experience.

Uhaul Car Trailer Rental Coupons

Uhaul car trailer coupons are a great way to save some money on your next rental. Coupons for Uhauls can be very beneficial as you will know exactly what you’re going to pay before renting anything, and they have lots of options that come along with them!

These free UHaul rental coupon codes and deals will help you save on your next moving adventure: Get $10 off when renting online or over the phone! For example, use code MONDAY25 to receive 25% off one-day rentals through the next few days at participating locations.

Similarly, enjoy $30 in discounts with this deal from Groupon by buying 2 days of truck/trailer use before December 31st this year as well as 10% back in rewards points toward future purchases!! You won’t be able to find better prices than that anywhere else so go ahead and reserve now using Uhaul special promo code “MOVING”!!!


If you are looking for a cost-effective way to move your vehicle, this is it. Renting Uhaul car trailer rental means that you will have peace of mind knowing that all aspects of moving your auto or truck are taken care of by an experienced professional who understands how important time and convenience are when planning a cross-country relocation. Uhaul offers competitive rates on their wide selection of vehicles so pick up your phone today to talk with one of their friendly representatives about reserving your next Uhaul car trailer rental!

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