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• UV Rated. Great for outdoors

Class A Fire Rated. Great for businesses

15-20 Year life span. Depends on environment

• Consistent in diameters. No taper

• Great for covering beams, piping or conduit. Our bamboo poles are completely hollow

This is not schedule 40 PVC pipe that Home Depot sells that has been painted on. Our color is all the way through the bamboo pole even on the inside when cut in half. Other companies paint the outside only so you will see white inside the pipe. Those will chip, fade and crack.

Artificial varieties of natural landscaping materials are not just a popular choice for building outdoor structures; sometimes, they can be the better option for a specific project. Continue reading to find out why artificial synthetic bamboo poles, also known as faux bamboo poles, fake bamboo poles, PVC bamboo poles, plastic bamboo poles that look like natural bamboo poles (as opposed to looking like “cheap bamboo poles”) are taking the tropical construction industry by storm. Please note these are not fireproof.

As experts in this field, we at Palapa Umbrella Thatch find that the use of synthetic building materials is especially cost effective and convenient when the goal of the project is to create a tropical atmosphere – and, we believe that synthetic artificial bamboo poles are among the best examples of this.
Here are some reasons why faux bamboo poles are a great example of a tropical construction material that can be designed to look exactly like authentic wood from stalks of a naturally growing bamboo plant.

  • Prevalence - From iconic destinations like Disneyland and Disney World to vacation resorts throughout the USA and abroad, the outdoor bamboo poles that adorn tiki huts, tiki bars and other tropical themed spaces people enjoy are often made from artificial synthetic bamboo poles that look remarkably similar to the original structures that inspired them.
  • Authenticity - Sometimes, the naked eye has trouble distinguishing fake bamboo poles from the natural bamboo poles found in beautiful locations like Hawaii, the Caribbean islands, Mexico and other tropical regions.
  • Longevity – Unfortunately, no one can control exactly how long natural bamboo will last before it begins to break down and require replacement. For many people, this is what makes faux bamboo poles the better building option.

Far from being “cheap bamboo poles,” our artificial synthetic bamboo poles are actually durable, resilient and high quality plastic bamboo poles that look and feel like they were derived from a raw bamboo source grown in the wetlands. They are designed to last years longer than organically harvested bamboo plant – and as stated, the poles appear so authentic that most observers are unable to recognize the difference.

When Synthetic Artificial Bamboo Poles are Preferable for Some Projects

Bamboo cane is one of the most popular materials for many of the tropical décor and construction projects we see today, both for residential and commercial use. However, the drawback of natural bamboo poles is that they often lack the durability and longevity of fake bamboo poles made from high quality, synthetic materials. For that reason, home owners and commercial builders seeking to order bamboo poles online for their construction and installation projects will often choose to place an order of sturdier, longer-lasting and more affordable faux bamboo poles.

If you have done your homework, then you know that while natural bamboo poles are one of the most beautiful options you have in terms of tropical building materials, these organic products typically come with a shorter lifespan and a higher cost. Unless you have ongoing cash flow that can fund a large budget for constructing and improving your building fixtures year after year, then fake bamboo poles are likely to be a sensible choice that promote the same tropical environment you are interested in creating on your property with outdoor bamboo poles.

Why Artificial Synthetic Bamboo Poles may be Preferable for Some Projects

Depending on the weather patterns and climate of your location, the relative size of your structure and the purpose you are designing it for, synthetic artificial bamboo poles can be the better choice of material whether you are building a tropical looking:

• Tiki cover for your outdoor cooking space
• Al fresco dining area at your home or business
• Backyard bar for your family and friends
• Cover for your pool or Jacuzzi area

And of course, the same goes for projects such as a residential or commercial tiki hut or tiki bar, both of which will need faux bamboo poles for their façades and bamboo slats or flat bamboo for their flooring.

For the corner pieces of the facade, your tiki hut or bar will need bamboo halves (also known as bamboo halfs) to create a clean, flush edge that completes the appearance and gives people the impression that the structure was professionally constructed by an experienced builder who has worked with outdoor bamboo poles for years. These are the details that will help your guests feel they have stepped into an authentic tropical environment, no matter where you are actually located.

Buying Real or Faux Bamboo Poles Online: Good News on Safety

When it comes to “real vs. artificial” bamboo poles, is one option safer than the other? Good news: The answer is no. Because both natural bamboo poles and fake bamboo poles can be treated with a high quality fire retardant, you don’t have to choose between appearance and safety. The fact is, both options can be equally safe when you choose the right resource. Fortunately, you’ve found that resource right here at Palapa Umbrella Thatch. We treat all our UV rated bamboo poles with an effective fire retardant that makes them the safe choice for projects of all types.

Fake Bamboo Poles that Look and Feel Like Natural Bamboo Poles

Made from high quality plastic bamboo poles, our synthetic bamboo products don’t look like fake bamboo poles or feel like plastic to the touch. Because we construct them with the goal of truly emulating the real thing, our artificial synthetic bamboo poles can pass for real bamboo just about anywhere. As experts in sourcing tropical materials and executing tiki construction, we find that faux bamboo is still more authentic to the tiki genre of décor and construction than real hardwood varieties like pine or mahogany are – and, this is in addition to its ability to withstand a variety of weather conditions (which means it will likely last much, much longer).

At Palapa Umbrella Thatch, we understand that using materials that look like natural bamboo poles will be critical to achieving a true tropical appearance and environment. That true tropical appearance is what we aim to provide you when you place your order with us for bamboo poles online.

Numerous Options for Synthetic Artificial Bamboo Poles

In addition to high quality plastic, Palapa Umbrella Thatch gives you faux bamboo pole options such as PVC bamboo poles and nylon bamboo poles. Any of these can be ideal materials for your tropical décor scheme or tiki construction project.

We also offer a variety of size options for you to choose from when placing your order, as we carry both small and large bamboo poles. Other outlets selling their bamboo poles online may only stock one or two sizes for these poles, which is unfortunate for you and other customers; after all, no two projects are exactly alike. The potential for projects using faux bamboo poles is endless, but only stocking a narrow selection of sizes can greatly limit your options and prevent you from executing your tropical or tiki construction project to its fullest potential.

Free Shipping on All Synthetic Artificial Bamboo Poles

When you buy from Palapa Umbrella Thatch, we offer you free shipping on bamboo pole size choices that include:

  • 2", 3", 4", 5" and 6" diameter bamboo poles
  • 4' bamboo poles
  • 6' bamboo poles
  • 8' bamboo poles
  • 10' bamboo poles
  • 12' bamboo poles
  • 14' bamboo poles
  • 16' bamboo poles
  • 18' bamboo poles
  • 20' bamboo poles

Fire Resistant Bamboo Poles for Sale

Our wholesale bamboo poles are safe products that are ethically made in the USA, so you can feel good about using them no matter what your application is. One of the ways we ensure our bamboo poles are safe for both residential and commercial use is by thoroughly treating them with an exceptional fire retardant product. Fire retardant is essential whether you are using natural or artificial synthetic bamboo poles, and we make sure this important protection is applied before any product leaves our warehouse.

For those with understandable concerns about safety (for example, “Aren’t fake bamboo poles are riskier?”), those worries can be eliminated when a high quality fire retardant has been applied after manufacturing. We take pride in our fire resistant tiki products, from our bamboo poles to our thatch rolls, umbrellas and other tropical supplies.

More Than Affordable Bamboo Poles | More Choices for More Projects

Chances are, you are already aware that bamboo poles are what you need to hold up your thatched tiki roof. But what about your floor? For an authentic tiki hut, creating a bamboo floor is a must. For that, your raw material choices include bamboo slats, flat bamboo and flat bamboo slats. The size you need will depend on what you want your floor to look like and how much coverage you need. Our customer service representatives can advise you on sizes and varieties when you call us to place your order.

What if you are building your own tiki bar? In that case, you will need thin, narrow bamboo sticks to fully cover the front, followed by bamboo halves (also known as bamboo halfs) for the edge and corner pieces. Again, this is something we can help with when you contact us.

Cheap Bamboo Poles, Fast Shipping and Helpful Resources

Of course, acquiring the materials is just your first step toward completing any kind of construction project (much less one involving bamboo cane, thatch or other tropical materials). Now, it’s time to get to work! If you are new to creating your own hardscapes – and, you need information on constructing your own tiki bar, erecting your own tiki hut or installing your bamboo floor with our durable, lightweight and premium grade fake bamboo poles or other products – then our customer support department is available to help.

When you place your order for bamboo poles with free shipping, we can offer you more information about our support and resources. At Palapa Umbrella Thatch, we never want your great experience to end with the simple process of ordering bamboo poles online. When you are our customer, we also want you to feel fully equipped to take on your construction project using our wholesale bamboo poles and other materials. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when placing your order. If we cannot answer your question, we can surely point you in the right direction.

UV Rated Bamboo Poles for Commercial Use

Our high quality, long lasting and affordable bamboo poles are not just made for residential applications. As a leading supplier, we have shipped our wholesale bamboo poles to resorts, water parks, amusement parks and other commercial destinations throughout the USA. If your goal is to make your tropical attraction look like The Tiki Room at Disneyland or Disney World, then our outdoor bamboo poles and other faux bamboo products can help you achieve this. To make sure your structures are meeting your state regulations and local building codes, we only carry UV rated bamboo poles that are ideal for commercial use, treated with a high quality fire retardant that makes them impervious to the dangers of catching fire.

As many of our commercial use customers will attest, our outdoor bamboo poles – which include both natural bamboo poles and plastic bamboo poles – will almost certainly last longer than those made from hardwoods like pine, mahogany and other lumber. For any commercial operation, longevity of building materials is critical – and at Palapa Umbrella Thatch, we understand that. That’s why rather than settling for a search of “bamboo poles near me,” enterprises all over the USA choose our affordable bamboo poles. Free shipping only sweetens the experience, since sturdy and exceptional products like ours could cost hundreds of dollars to ship otherwise.

When You Prefer Natural Bamboo Poles vs. Synthetic

Although we are very proud of the quality of the artificial synthetic bamboo poles we make available to you, we understand that some customers may decide natural bamboo poles are their preference for a specific project. If, for whatever reason, you feel that organically grown bamboo cane is a better fit for your needs than our durable nylon or plastic bamboo poles, we are happy to supply it to you. Palapa Umbrella Thatch also carries affordable bamboo poles, bamboo sticks, bamboo halves, bamboo slats and flat bamboo at prices well below the competition, so you can use natural bamboo for your entire project if desired. Some customers opt to place a mixed order of both real and faux bamboo, depending on the parameters of what they are trying to achieve.

Our high quality, natural bamboo poles are an excellent renewable resource you can feel good about using. It is a little known fact that harvesting bamboo makes less of an impact on local ecosystems than traditional hardwood logging practices, which makes bamboo the environmentally friendly choice for any building project where a natural wood material is preferred over a synthetic product, including our fake bamboo poles or slats.

Natural Bamboo Poles Imported from China

You may not be aware of this, but it is a well-documented fact: China accounts for 65 percent of the world’s exports of bamboo and rattan products, both of which are at the heart of the tropical aesthetic. Because Palapa Umbrella Thatch only imports natural bamboo poles directly from China (not only the largest producer of bamboo products in the world, but also the largest exporter of other tropical materials such as rattan), you can be assured of their authenticity.
Trust us on this: You don’t want your natural bamboo poles to come from anywhere else than the country responsible for the majority of the world’s bamboo. When your wholesale bamboo poles arrive at your door, you can feel better knowing they were ethically grown and harvested in their native land.

Before You Order Natural Bamboo Poles

If you are looking for “bamboo poles for sale near me,” are impressed by our selection and opt to place your order for real bamboo as opposed to plastic or nylon bamboo poles, it is important to note that natural bamboo poles may not be nearly as weather resistant as faux bamboo poles are known to be. However, we do everything we can to prolong the life of your materials by only carrying UV rated bamboo poles treated with a high quality, effective and proven fire retardant product before shipping. To learn if your region of the USA is appropriate for natural bamboo poles instead of synthetic artificial bamboo poles, contact Palapa Umbrella Thatch today. We can answer your questions about the durability of our real bamboo poles for sale, so you can make the most informed decision possible before placing an order.
Our Wide Variety of Affordable Bamboo Poles with Free Shipping
If you are hoping for your project constructed with faux bamboo to have an authentic bamboo cane appearance, Palapa Umbrella Thatch can help you achieve that goal. We proudly carry bamboo poles, bamboo sticks, bamboo halves, bamboo slats and flat bamboo in a variety of sizes and colors for this very reason. Our selection of bamboo poles and split half rounds includes black bamboo, mahogany bamboo and the popular light wood bamboo (often emulated with pine by other wholesalers, but not at Palapa Umbrella Thatch; here, our light wood bamboo is either made from natural bamboo poles or high quality faux bamboo). Your finished product will not look like it was constructed from cheap bamboo poles, because we only select the most authentic looking materials. We don’t settle for anything less.

Sizes of Our Bamboo Poles for Sale

At Palapa Umbrella Tatch, we know that one size does not fit all when it comes to constructing the tiki shack, tiki hut or tiki bar of your tropical dreams. Depending on the size, scope and intended use of your project, you may wish to purchase bamboo poles online in one or more of the following sizes:

  • 2 Inch bamboo poles
  • 3 Inchbamboo poles
  • 4 Inchbamboo poles
  • 5 Inch bamboo poles
  • 6 Inchbamboo poles
  • 4 foot bamboo poles
  • 6 foot bamboo poles
  • 8 foot bamboo poles
  • 10 foot bamboo poles
  • 12 foot bamboo poles
  • 14 foot bamboo poles
  • 18 foot bamboo poles
  • 20 foot bamboo poles
  • Large bamboo poles
  • Thick bamboo poles

The length of your poles may be easy for you to select – but in our experience, choosing the specific diameter of your indoor or outdoor bamboo poles can be a more complex decision. With that in mind, it is important for you to note that when it comes to diameter, both our natural and faux bamboo poles are always measured at their widest point. But, don’t worry: If you need guidance on selecting the right size for your project before ordering bamboo poles online from us, we encourage you to ask our customer service specialists for assistance. We have been sourcing real and fake bamboo poles for a long time, in addition to many other tropical materials for construction projects. Our goal is to not only be your preferred buying resource for these materials, but also your best education resource.

Place Your Order for Artificial Synthetic Bamboo Poles Today

Ready to place your order? We can ship it for free, directly to your door, and most orders ship out the same day. If you have found us while searching “Bamboo poles near me,” and you prefer to pick up your order in person from our Southern California warehouse, call us at 951-662-3472 to schedule an appointment for a pickup time. Please be aware that we are only open for pickups Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a one hour break from 12:30 to 1:30.
Call 1-866-944-TIKI (8454) to place an order for synthetic artificial bamboo poles from Palapa Umbrella Thatch.

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