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Are you in the market for a true to life Eco-friendly Pest Control service? Look no further, VerminX Cape Town Pest Control pride ourselves with an unrivaled Extermination Service that covers the whole of the Cape as well as the Boland areas. Finally a Green Pest Control solution that’s effective, odorless and long lasting. You no longer have to worry about stains, smells or harmful and sticky residuals left behind after a treatment. The only thing left behind is a clean house clear of unwanted Insects or Rodents. Advanced Pest Control and Extermination without the risks associated with conventional methods. Cutting Edge advances in chemical technology ensure the safety of you as well our delicate environment.

Pest Control Cape Town delivers an Odorless and Safe green Pest Control and Extermination service throughout Cape Town and the Boland. By using the least toxic yet effective targeted treatment first. We ensure your Pests are eliminated without risking the health and well being of you family or pets. Insects such as Fishmoths and Ants as well as Rodents like Squirrels and Moles no longer stand a chance.

Environmentally friendly Pest Control in Cape Town

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Finding the ideal Pest Management plan can be a daunting task. With VerminX Pest Control you can rest assured that we have your best interest at heart! By tailoring an effective service that suits your needs as well as your pocket, you can sleep easy knowing your loved ones as safe from that dangers that a Pest Infestation brings.

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The diverse and delicately balanced Eco-system that Cape Town and surrounding areas hold are on the brink of collapse. Industries popping up all over the show, pollution and over crowding all contribute to the demise of our beautiful city. Don’t let the services you choose add to the downfall of our city. Here are a few of the key features that make our Environmentally friendly Pest Control service a cut above the rest.

A true Green Pest Control solution in Cape Town:

  • Targeted Pest management: By using modern and targeted control methods we can ensure non target species remain safe from potentially harmful chemicals. If we limit the exposure to harmful chemicals and use products with little to no risk of secondary poisoning we are nearly half way to a Green Pest Free solution.
  • Control of substances that are hazardous to our health: We promise to always use the least toxic yet effective control method first. This means we will always use targeted treatments as opposed to broad spectrum sprays and Fumigation’s here in Cape Town.
  • Advice on prevention: During each treatment carried out, our seasoned staff are always on the look our for ways to keep you Pest Free for longer. Pest Control Cape Town are all about Prevention as well as cure. Its for this reason we identify key areas important to your Pest Infestation and then make recommendations to remedy the situation.
  • Finding the solution to an Infestation rather than just a short term cure: During our treatments our seasoned staff keep an eye out for factors that negatively influence the Pest presence in your home or workplace. We then put them in black and white once discussing potential solutions with our clients.

Get a Pest Extermination in Cape Town when you need it the most!

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If your struggling with a Pest issue. Chances are you don’t want to wait a couple weeks just to find the company rocket up for a quote and not the actual service. With Pest Control Cape Town to can rest assured we have your best interests at heart. We understand that Pests never sleep and neither should we. This is the reason for our 24 Hour Pest Control Service.

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Unlike our competitors, we are available to take tour calls 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Weather you want a free quotation or advice on a Pest Control emergency. You can be sure we are here to help you through a potentially tough time. Here are a few pointers that make our service fast, effective and more convenient that that of our competitors.

A convenient Pest Control solution:

  1. Pest Identification: Pest Control Cape Town have gotten with the times. Feel free to Whats app us on the link below. You can send us pics of droppings, damage and even Insect bites for identification. Our bright spark staff are great with Pest and evidence identification.
  2. Free quotations: VerminX Pest Control are happy to provide free and no obligation quotations. Most quotes for houses are given over the phone. Best of all is you get a minimum 3 month guarantee.
  3. Professional advice: Our professional staff will gladly advise you on preventative pest control methods. This includes recommendations as well as effective DIY Pest Extermination products.
  4. After hours visits: Many fellow Captonian’s only end their daily graft after 6pm the evening, with many working weekends as well. Pest Control Cape Town will gladly offer you after hour visits in the morning, the evening and even weekends as well as public holidays.
  5. Fast turn around times: In general we have an average turn around time of 48 hours with many visits the same day or the beginning of the following day. This is very much season dependent. The warmer summer months have a longer turn around time than colder winter months.

Bespoke Insect and Rodent Fumigation in Cape Town

When one thinks of a Fumigation service in Cape Town. You think of a smelly gas sprayed throughout by a creepy guy in a yellow suit. This is very far from what we do, unless that’s what you want? Pest Control Cape Town are at the apex of our game. We have revolutionized the way Pest Control should be handled and apply our methods in everything we do. We have tailored a safer service for both Insect as well as Rodent Control here in Cape Town. Here are some of the things we during each and every Rodent or Insect Fumigation here in Cape Town.

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Planning in key while designing a bespoke Pest Control treatment:

  • We identify key areas that are unique to your infestation: These key areas are namely but not limited to ingress points, harbourage, food and water availability as well as how favorable their environment is. Knowing that makes an infestation tick in key to successful control. The less favorable their environment is the less chance you have of them sticking around.
  • Applying tailored treatment that is safe and long lasting: The success of a Pest Fumigation is not measured by the amount of chemicals you can pump into one area. You have to look at the bigger picture. This being the application of a service where it hits the hardest. We target hot spots with targeted Insecticide. If done correctly, this will not only control an infestation. It will leave a longer lasting effect that’s safer than conventional methods.
  • An after service solution: At the end of our service we will leave you with a treatment report. This will include all our findings as well as recommendations of corrective actions. These can be implemented to help keep Rodents and Insects away for longer.

Rodent Extermination in Cape Town

Rodents such as Rats and Mice are nasty beasties. Besides the fact that they eat your food, live in your ceiling rent free and interrupt your sleep. Most importantly they are a threat to the health and well being of your family and loved ones. Rats for instance can cause electrical fires and even lead to secondary pest problems such as Fleas, Mites and other nasty parasitic insects. Such a dangerous Pest demands a drastic control regime. Here are our 6 points of action that Pest Control Cape Town carry out to ward of Rodent Infestations:

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Our 6 step Rodent Extermination regime:

  1. Identify their harbourage points: Once we have identified their potential harbourage spots we are one step closer to winning the war. Removing potential harbourage spots not only helps make your premises less livable, it will help deter a possible future infestation.
  2. Limit the availability of food and water: The availability of food and fresh water is possibly the most important aspect affecting a Rodent population. The Pest Control Cape Town teams identify these sources and limit or remove them resulting in an even less hospitable environment.
  3. Prevent ingress: Rats and Mice carry nasty and potentially dangerous diseases. The last thing you want is for them to come in contact with your food or working surfaces. Our trained and seasoned staff can identify potential ingress point. We will make them known to our clients and help them remedy the situation.
  4. Annalise the risk to the surrounding species and environment: No Pest Control treatment is with out its risks. Working with potentially deadly rodenticides we always need to make sure that a full risk assessment is carried out. This includes very careful placement of baits out of the reach of children or non-target species. Tamper resistant bait stations are also commonly used when baits are placed in high risk areas.
  5. Design and apply an effective safer course of action: Our seasoned staff use the information above to design a super effective but safer Pest Management program. This holistic approach helps maintain a pest free environment for longer resulting in happy clients as well as less follow ups.
  6. Recommend steps to assist in achieving longer results: An integral part of our treatment is providing our clients with an easy to understand treatment report. This will include all the products we used as well as recommendations regarding the above.

Insect Extermination in Cape Town

Out of control Insect Infestations are a dime a dozen. Biting Insects such as Fleas are associated with animals while Bed Bugs are associated with people who travel or use public transport. Our close quarter living makes the next infestation closer than we would like to believe. Its for this reason we all need the name of a reliable Exterminator that ticks all the boxes. Rest assured you have come to the right place.

Pest Control Cape Town have revolutionized all our treatments to make them safe, effective and best of all tailored to your needs. Below you will find our unique 4 step extermination system that guarantees results regardless of your situation.

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VerminX and our 4 Step Insect Extermination regime:

  1. Identify the source of the Insect infestation: All insects have their reason for living. Let our skilled Pest Controllers positively Identify your species of insect. This will accurately help us come to a conclusion as to why you have the problem in the first place.
  2. Determine the level as well as the spread of the infestation: Our skilled staff look for tell tail signs of activity to support your claims. This will help us identify the type if infestation as well as the spread and level of infestation. Fecal matter, shed skins and other such evidence helps us map out our approach.
  3. Design and apply an effective solution: The information collected by our initial inspection give us a unique insight in to the Infestation. We then use our data to structure a unique targeted approach that is odorless, stainless and best of all non-invasive.
  4. Recommend remedial action that helps achieve longer results: An important part of each and every Pest Control service we offer here in Cape Town is our treatment report. This puts our service and guarantee in black and white for you to view in your leisure. You will find all the important details about your service within. This includes products used and most importantly your recommendations to ensure a longer pest free premises.

Why is Pest Control Cape Town so important?

A quality Pest Control treatment is worth its weight in gold. Having an out of control Insect or Rodent problem can be way more problematic than the couple bucks you may spend getting the exterminator out. They are called pests for a reason. Pests can interrupts sleep, destroy your home and eat your food. They can cost you vets bills and even end you up in hospital in left unattended.

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The importants of Pest Control Cape Town:

  • We prevent the spread of diseases bacteria and dangerous pathogens: Rodents such as Rats carry e-coli and Rat bite fever while Cockroaches spread salmonella and food poisoning. Any one of these can quite easily land you up at the doctors room or worse yet, the hospital. All manor pests carry all manor of nasty Viruses and Bacteria. Pest Control Cape Town not only successfully remove your pest problem, we can disinfect your home as well!
  • We can save you money: Rats can damage your motor vehicles, the structure of your home and even cause electrical fires. Bed Bugs can cost you the guests at you B&B while Birds can tarnish your neighborhood by spewing fecal matter along the walls of buildings.
  • Save you the embarrassment of having a pest problem: As part of our extensive service. We can even prevent potential pest infestations. We have a wide array of methods to suit any situation and any pest. You can save yourself the embarrassment of a hidden Cockroach infestation by using our preventative Pest Control treatment.

VerminX are the Pest Control specialists in Cape Town

True Pest Control Specialists can be hard to find. Your service is potentially only as good as your service man or woman. With VerminX Pest Control you can rest assured you are in good hands. We are a tight knit family run entity that has been in the Western Cape for over 10 years. We have a proven track record with hundreds or satisfied clients that have been with us since the beginning.

If you live in Cape Town or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate. Give Pest Control Cape Town a call for your free quotation right away. Our knowledgeable staff are always available to help. Weather you want advice or to book a service. You can count on us to give you the best service possible.

For all your Rodent Exterminations, Insect Control or Beetle fumigation needs call VerminX Pest Control Cape Town for a no obligation quote. Have our friendly seasoned professionals at your door in no time. With just one call to your local Pest Control Specialists!

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