NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Chapter 4 A Question of Trust: Free PDF Download (2023)

Read And Find Out

1. What Does Horace Danby Like To Collect?

Ans: Horace Danby was a fifty years old honest man. Since he was unmarried, he lived with a housekeeper and liked to collect expensive and rare books.

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2. Why Does He Steal Every Year?

Ans: Horace Danby was fond of collecting expensive and rare books, but he was not rich enough to fund his wish. So instead of working hard or saving money, he would rob a safe every year.

3. Who is Speaking to Horace Danby?

Ans: A woman, who pretended to be one of the members of the family living at Shotover Grange. She was pretty and dressed in red. She acted that she came back just in time or else Horace would have robbed her family.

4. Who is the Real Culprit in the Story?

Ans: The woman in the red dress was the real culprit. She acted to be a part of the family when Horace entered to rob the house. Horace got tricked by her and she took away everything in the safe. She escaped safely while Horace was accused of the crime.

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Think About It

1. Did You Begin To Suspect, Before the End of the Story, That the Lady Was Not the Person Horace Danby Took Her To Be? If So, at What Point Did You Realize This, and How?

Ans: The lady had an unusually calm appearance for a person who just encountered a thief at her home. I suspected her even before Horace Danby got an idea about who she was. She acted that she had forgotten the numbers to open the safe and encouraged him to break open the safe and take out the jewels instead of calling the police, an action that is not usually done when faced with such a situation. These actions made it very obvious, from the beginning that she was not someone she was pretending to be.

2. What are the Subtle Ways in Which the Lady Manages To Deceive Horace Danby Into Thinking She is the Lady of the House? Why Doesn’t Horace Suspect That Something is Wrong?

Ans: Horace entered the home and was trying to break open the safe, a young lady with a kind voice entered the room. She introduced herself as the lady of the house and the confidence and ease with which she was doing mundane acts, like picking up the cigarette, made it very evident that she was the one. Horace was frightened when he encountered her. He thought he might avoid serious trouble if he treated her the right way.

3. “Horace Danby Was Good and Respectable − but Not Completely Honest”. Why Do You Think This Description is Apt for Horace? Why Can’t He Be Categorized as a Typical Thief?

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Ans: Horace Danby was a fifty years old man, who robbed the rich to satisfy his wish of buying expensive and rare books. He made locks and was successful at his business but his habit of stealing to fulfil his luxuries was not good. He cannot be categorised as a typical thief because he did not steal frequently and for his survival. He just robbed to buy expensive stuff and had a business, along with two people to help him. He was good because he even kept his promise to the lady by not planning any robbery further.

4. Horace Danby Was a Meticulous Planner but Still, He Faltered. Where Did He Go Wrong and Why?

Ans: Horace had never failed in a robbery before but this time he did not research well enough the information about the real occupants of the home. Meeting the lady in the home was sudden and to avoid any form of trouble he figured out that it would be best to treat her the right way. This caused him not to think rationally and he followed the instructions laid by her and got trapped in her plan. He was so anxious that he even opened the safe without wearing gloves which left fingerprints on the safe and he got caught.

Talk About It

1. Do You Think Horace Danby Was Unfairly Punished, or That He Deserved What He Got?

Ans: Horace was not unfairly punished. He was never caught in his previous attempts, and this time he got caught without actually stealing something. It was almost like a consequence of his previous deeds that he got caught this time, tricked by another thief.

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2. Do Intentions Justify Actions? Would You, Like Horace Danby, Do Something Wrong if You Thought Your Ends Justified the Means? Do You Think That There Are Situations in Which It is Excusable To Act Less Than Honestly?

Ans: No intentions do not justify your actions because if your actions would cause harm to someone, they cannot be justified. We should not harm someone or cause harm to someone just for our profit. No, I do not think I would do something wrong like Horace. Under conditions where someone is not being harmed, acting less than honestly is excusable.

A Question of Trust: Chapter 4 English Footprints Without Feet Class 10

In A Question of Trust, students read about a thief called Horace Danby. He runs a successful business of making locks. He has two helpers working for him. Horace was in the practice of robbing one safe every year. He would buy books secretly through an agent and the books would last for twelve months. This time he decides to rob Shotover Grange house. While doing so, he gets tricked by another clever thief, who lands him in jail for not stealing what he was arrested for stealing.

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