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The term “debloat” refers to the process of removing those unnecessary apps and services from Windows 11 (in this case) that you may not find necessary, invasive, or otherwise would be wasting system resources.

Unfortunately, even if you do a clean installation, Windows 11 still comes with a bunch of software and services that may continuously run in the background, wasting system resources, and battery life, and collecting usage data (telemetry) without an option to turn them off.

Although you could spend hours trying to figure out the things you can remove and more time using PowerShell commands, there is a tool known as “Debloos” that makes it easy to debloat Windows 11 quickly. The tool is available through GitHub, and it’s a simple piece of software to uninstall many components, including those that are not available through the “Installed apps” settings page.

In this guide, you will learn the steps to use a simple to make Windows 11 as lean as possible by removing components you may not need.

Important: Since this is a third-party application that will make system changes, it’s recommended to create a backup of the system in case something goes wrong and you need to roll back. Use the tool and instructions at your own risk.

Remove bloatware apps from Windows 11

To remove all the bloatware apps from a Windows 11 installation, use these steps:

  1. Open GitHub website.

    (Video) Debloating Windows 11 The Easy Way!

  2. Under the “Assets” section, click the option to save the file.

    Quick note: Microsoft Defender Antivirus may block the download, which means that you may have to allow the file manually from the Windows Security app.

  3. Open the downloaded file.

  4. Click the Extract all button from the command bar.

  5. Click the Extract button.

  6. Open the uncompressed Debloos.appfolder.

    (Video) How To Clean UP Windows 11 in 2022

  7. Double-click the Debloos.exe files to launch the application.

  8. Click on More info and click the Run anyway button (if applicable).

  9. Select the “Remove unnecessary apps from Windows 11” (BloatFinder) option at bottom of the page.

    How to debloat Windows 11 from junk apps (easy way) - Pureinfotech (1)

  10. (Optional) Hold the “Ctrl” key and select each of the apps you want to remove.

  11. Click the Movebutton.

  12. (Optional) Click the Move all button to debloat all the apps.

    (Video) Easy Steps to REMOVE Bloatware Windows 11 | Debloat windows 11

  13. (Optional) Click the “Show system apps” option to show system apps, including apps you usually can’t uninstall from Windows 11, such as Widgets, Your Phone, Xbox, etc.

  14. (Optional) Hold the “Ctrl” button and select each of the apps you want to remove.

  15. Click the Move button.

    How to debloat Windows 11 from junk apps (easy way) - Pureinfotech (2)

  16. Click the Uninstallbutton.

Once you complete the steps, the tool will run the necessary scripts to remove the selected apps and services to debloat the system.

Although the tool works well, it cannot remove many components like Microsoft Edge as they are essential, and removing them will break other features that depend on those components.

(Video) How to Clean All Caches, Temp & Junk Files in Windows 11 (2023)

The tool was initially known as “ThisIsWin11” (TIW11), then the name changed to “LoveWindowsAgain,” and now, it’s been renamed to “Debloos.” This guide has been updated to reflect the latest name.

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