How can I get the cookie texture I want? (2023)

By adjusting key ingredients, you can change the texture of any cookie recipe.

  • If you want chewy cookies, add melted butter. Butter is 20 percent water. Melting helps water in butter mix with flour to form gluten.
  • If you want thin, candy-like cookies, add more sugar. Sugar becomes fluid in the oven and helps cookies spread.
  • If you want cakey cookies, add more eggs. Yolks make cookies rich, and whites cause cookies to puff and dry out.
  • If you want an open, coarse crumb and craggy top, add baking soda. Baking soda reacts quickly with acidic ingredients (such as brown sugar) to create lots of gas bubbles.
  • If you want a fine, tight crumb and smooth top, add baking powder. Baking powder works slowly and allows for an even rise.

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How can I get the cookie texture I want?

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How can I get the cookie texture I want? (1)

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