German levels A1 to C2 (2023)

We teach German on all levels all year round - ranging frombeginners to advanced (levels as defined by the Common European Reference Framework: A = elementary, B = intermediate, C = advanced). No matter what level you are on right now, you can start your German course in our school in Berlin any Monday you like.A placement test- consisting of a written and an oral part on your first Monday- will make sure that you will be learning with others of a similar level.

(Video) A1 to C2 : overview of German Language levels.

How long does it take to learn German?

Check the table below to see how many weeks you'll need to get from one level to the next.Per level, about 160 - 180 lessons are needed.

(Video) A1 to C2 : Overview of Levels of German Language

Assess your current level &
test your German online!
Intensive course
(20 lessons/week)
Super Intensive course
(30 lessons/week)
you can take @ GLS (see below)
A1beginner8 weeks6 weeks
A2elementary8 weeks6 weeks
B1intermediate8 weeks6 weekstelc B1
B2upper intermediate10 weeks*6 weeks*telc B2
Goethe B2
C1advancedindividual6 weeks*telc C1
Goethe C1
C2highly competentindividualindividualtelc C2
Goethe C2

* The data in the table are approximate data. Depending on the speed of the group, it may take longer to complete the respective skill level. Quick learners have the opportunity to change groups (after consultation with the teacher).

(Video) German Language Levels (A1-C2) |German Talks|

An example: If you finished level A2and want to do TestDaF, which is closing off level C1, you will need ca. 6 months, taking the intensive course, or - if you want to invest less time - ca. 4 months taking the super intensive course.

(Video) Course Levels A1 To C2 ما هي مستويات اللغة الالمانية


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