Alt+Tab to Switch Windows Only on Current Workspace in GNOME Shell (2023)

Here is how to force GNOME Shell to switch between active apps only on the current workspace when pressing the Alt+Tab shortcut.

By default in Gnome Alt+Tab switches windows onallworkspaces. If you prefer to have many workspaces with few windows on each, this behavior does not work well. Maybe you want to switch windows on the active workspace only.

Whengooglingfor theAlt Tab Workspaceextension is the top result. The code onGitHubturns out that the following command does the trick:

(Video) Ubuntu: Force alt + tab to switch only on current workspace in GNOME shell (7 Solutions!!)

gsettings set current-workspace-only truegsettings set current-workspace-only true

To erase it, go back to default settings:

dconf reset /org/gnome/shell/window-switcher/current-workspace-onlydconf reset /org/gnome/shell/app-switcher/current-workspace-only

Switching the Windows Only on Current Workspace in GNOME Shell

Another fast and easy solution, without any installations/extensions, is to use Dconf Editor.

Dconf Editor is a tool for viewing and editing a GNOME application’s internal settings. In addition, it enables the editing of options that are not visible in the interface of some applications.

(Video) GNOME 3.36: Alt-Tab per Wokspace - Workflow Tip

However, be aware that It’s a powerful tool that, if misused, can break some applications, and you should only use it with that in mind.

1. Install dconf-editor (already installed on current Debian/Ubuntu distributions):

sudo apt install dconf-editor

2. Open dconf-editor(from the Dash or a Terminal)

(Video) How to switch between applications in current workspace only in gnome-shell? (2 Solutions!!)

3. Navigate to: org -> gnome -> shell -> app-switcher

4. Set current-workspace-only to On by toggling the switch.

That’s it. When switching between windows in GNOME, you will only see the windows that are in use on your current workspace.

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I hope this quick and short guide has been helpful to you.

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Alt+Tab to Switch Windows Only on Current Workspace in GNOME Shell (2)
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