5 Best Countertop Paint Reviews 2022 [Buying Guide for You] (2023)

You can’t compare the painting of a countertop with painting a picture or side table. We usually paint our kitchen to make it look shiny. But choosing the best countertop paint is a tricky one if you are trying it for the first time.

However, youshould always prefer to paint your countertop instead of buying a new one.Because it can be expensive to purchase compared to painting the older one. So,you can see your kitchen or washroom new like before with just a fraction ofmoney.

By the way,all the paints you get from the market are not of good quality.

Therefore,we will present the top 5 countertop paint for you. Besides, you will know howto choose the best one while buying. Then we will give you some answers tocommon questions about paintinga countertop.

And finally,you will get a verdict according to our opinion.

5 Best Countertop Paint Reviews 2022 [Buying Guide for You] (1)Giani Countertop
Paint Kit
Bombay Black
*Water-based material.
*Speedy painting and drying time.
*Available in five fabulous colors.
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5 Best Countertop Paint Reviews 2022 [Buying Guide for You] (2)Nuvo Driftwood-
Makeover Kit
*Water-based material.
*Usable after only a few hours.
*Durable and modified acrylic formula.
*Various colors for a fantastic look.
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5 Best Countertop Paint Reviews 2022 [Buying Guide for You] (3) Rustoleum
Countertop Paint
*Affordable alternative.
*Easy to use.
*Long-lasting durability.
No particular skill is needed.
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5 Best Countertop Paint Reviews 2022 [Buying Guide for You] (4)Giani Carrara White
Marble Epoxy
Countertop Kit
*Ultra resin topcoat for more durability.
*Covers 35 square feet.
*Three-step processing.
*Upgradable in just one week.
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5 Best Countertop Paint Reviews 2022 [Buying Guide for You] (5)Nuvo Titanium
Infusion- Cabinet Makeover Kit
*Available in four different colors.
*DIY kitchen makeover in 3 steps process.
*Less preparation need-no stripping, no priming.
*It covers 100 square feet or 40 linear feet.
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How to Use Countertop Paint

Before I letyou know about the excellent countertop pain list, I want to guide you on usingthem. So, here I will tell you some steps for using it. Let’s get into it.

1. First of all, you need to clean your countertop with a mixture of soap and warm water. And then make it dry with a piece of a soft cloth.

2. Secondly, you should sand the counter by utilizing 150 grit sand powder. After that, clean the dust off the whole counter with a damp cloth.

3. Thirdly, you should take 100% acrylic primer to prime the total surface. You can try to buy a primer that sticks to the laminate and let the paint stick to it.

4. After finishing the primer, you must wait for the second round and allow the first one to dry.

5. By the way, when you see that the second round has also dried, it is time to paint over it. However, you should paint it with some coats of latex satin. Also, you can try semi-gloss enamel to let each coat dry out the surface before painting again.

6. Whenever you notice that the last coat also dried out, seal it with clear acrylic coats. I suggest you try something that shines in the acrylic because stronger coats will give you more protection in case of scratching and scraping.

And you need to ignore the eggshell or flat paint as it isnot right that much.

Congratulations! You have just finished painting your countertop successfully. By the way, you should use the surface carefully a few times, although the acrylic seal will dry up very soon. We can expect to heal the surface within two to three weeks.

So, you must not scrub it at that critical time. You can clean the surface regularly with a damp cloth very gently.

Our Top 5 Best Countertop Paint You Must Try

Now it istime to learn the list of the premier countertop paint kits you will find ever.By the way, we have shortlisted five countertop paints. And we will describethem one by one. But it does not mean that the first one is the best and thelast is not. So, let’s see the amazing ones.

1. The Giani Countertop Paint Kit – Bombay Black

5 Best Countertop Paint Reviews 2022 [Buying Guide for You] (6)

Giani painthas been the first choice for a long time for household owners. Giani is a USAbased paint and manufactured by Giani Granite. It makes the kitchen or yourbathroom an upgraded and newer version than outdated and old.

So,replacing the look of a kitchen is not expensive anymore as it is affordabletoo.

Also, youwill have all the tool kits to paint your kitchen or vanity. And Gianimanufactures the appropriate size of kit to cover up the typical kitchen table.You will get 35 square feet or 16 linear feet that is standard for 24″wide counters.

Moreover,painting with Giani is very fast as it takes only around 4 hours to paint.Besides, the projected surface will dry out within 16 hours. And you will beable to use your counter generally after 14 days.

However, youwill get various types of paint in Giani alongside Bombay black. For example,they have paint kits like chocolate brown, Sicilian sand, slate, white diamond.They also have some special paint kits such as Nuvo cabinet paints kits, Liquidstainless steel appliance paint, and Chalkworthy antiquing paint.

Vital Features and Pros

  • Water-based material.
  • Durable acrylic topcoat and able to tolerate any stress.
  • Speedy painting and drying time.
  • Budget-Friendly.
  • Available in five fabulous colors.
  • Best for Formica, laminate, Corian, ceramic tile, cultured marble, etc.

2. Nuvo Driftwood – Cabinet Makeover Kit

5 Best Countertop Paint Reviews 2022 [Buying Guide for You] (7)

No one wantsto live with their outdated furniture. And when we talk about the kitchen, itshould be hygienic, clean, and well designed. So, I recommend you not to livein the ugly and messy kitchen as you have a chance to make it new.

However,Nuvo driftwood is a simple DIY counter painting that is easy to process. Youwill need 8 hours to clean and dry the entire cabinet. By the way, thispainting only needs a few hours to dry out.

Moreover,you are getting 100 square feet to cover up the counter.

Vital Features and Pros

  • Water-based material.
  • Usable after only a few hours.
  • Durable and modified acrylic formula.
  • Budget-conscious DIY kitchenmakeover.
  • Various colors for a fantastic look.
  • Hassle-free painting as no need forstripping, priming, etc.
  • Best for the wood, laminatecountertop.

3. Rustoleum Countertop Paint – Small Kitchen Transformations Kit

5 Best Countertop Paint Reviews 2022 [Buying Guide for You] (8)

Rustoleumhas brought an extraordinary surface painting for your entire home. It isspecially used for kitchencountertop paint to make the place lively. Rustoleum offers a simple,easy, and hassle-free process to makeover the whole kitchen.

Moreover,the painting is being called a revolutionary in surface paint. It gives you anatural environment in your kitchen and washroom.

Besides, ifyou talk about durability and long-lasting, it is one of the best. And if youdo not scratch the painting forcefully, it may sustain for years without anydamage.

Additionally,you are getting tool kits to paint the counter successfully. For example, youwill get a drop cloth, plastic sheeting, disposable gloves, a dust mask, andeyewear.

Vital Features and Pros

  • Affordable alternative.
  • Easy to use.
  • Long-lasting durability.
  • No particular skill is needed.
  • Natural stone appearance.

4. Giani Carrara White Marble Epoxy Countertop Kit

5 Best Countertop Paint Reviews 2022 [Buying Guide for You] (9)

If you havea plan to transform your kitchen or bathroom into a beautiful nature, I have apresent for you. Giani marblecountertop paint kit is a blessing for the headache you are sufferingfrom your kitchen environment.

Moreover,the simpleness of the color of Giani had made it unique from the countertoppaint. You can easily cover up to 35 square feet, which is an averagemeasurement of any surface.

Besides,epoxy is safe to use in the interior as it has low bed smells and no VOC. So,Giant Carrara white marble has all the qualities to fulfill having a dreamkitchen.

Vital Features and Pros

  • Ultra resin topcoat for moredurability.
  • Low odor, Zero VOC, restrain fromminor scratch.
  • Covers 35 square feet.
  • Three-step processing.
  • Upgradable in just one week.

5. Nuvo Titanium Infusion – Cabinet Makeover Kit

5 Best Countertop Paint Reviews 2022 [Buying Guide for You] (10)

This Nuvo titanium is almost similar to the Nuvo driftwood cabinet makeover. But there is something that makes them different from each other. Therefore, Nuvo titanium is based on a polymer material. On the other hand, Nuvo driftwood is based on water material.

However,Nuvo titanium let you refinish the outdated, damaged and mismatched furniture.It is available in 4 great colors such as black deco, earl grey, and oxfordblue. Therefore, all of these qualities made the Nuvo titanium the best countertop refinishing kitin the market.

So, whereyou are getting a chance to live in a colorful environment, there is no meaningto live with outdated furniture. Let’s see some top features of Nuvo titanium.

Vital Features and Pros

  • Available in four different colors.
  • DIY kitchen makeover in 3 steps process.
  • Less preparation need-no stripping, no priming.
  • Best for wood, laminate, metal cabinets.
  • It covers 100 square feet or 40 linear feet.

A Buying Guide for Choosing the Finest Paint for Countertop

5 Best Countertop Paint Reviews 2022 [Buying Guide for You] (11)

Although wehave given you selective paints, we do not want to buy this blindly. And thatis why we will present some vital things that you should consider beforepurchasing.


Temporary things are worthless to buy. And a kitchen is an area where you spend a good amount of time in your daily life. It is the place where we work with heat and knives.

So, durability is a must for buying paint for the counter.


We know that food is directly related to our health. So, while buying a painting, we must see the manufacturing elements of the paint. Also, the paint should not smell bad as it can harm too.

Heat Endurance

We mostly use countertop paint in our kitchen. And we encounter most of the heat in the kitchen. So, it is a commonsense matter to look at the heat resistance quality before buying paint.


It is scientifically proved that colors make us feel good mentally. So, you should select an eye-catching color to spend quality time in the kitchen.

Size and Volume

You must measure the kitchen before purchasing paint. Because all the bottles are not the same in size and volume.

Applying Process

Doing your work is a great thing. If you have decided to do it yourself or DIY, you should select an easily applicable painting. You will find one in our list above that is easy to paint on the counter.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

1. What is the best countertop paint to use?

Many peoplekeep water-based painting in their favorite list while choosing paint for theirkitchen because it is deficient in odor and easily cleanable.

2. Do Paint countertops hold up?

Yes, theydo. Once I thought it was not the perfect solution. But I was wrong, and ittruly holds up.

3. What is the best countertop for your money?

We havealready listed the top and affordable paints above. You can buy any one ofthem. However, many people go for Giani.

4. Can you resurface laminate countertops?

Yes, you canresurface. You need to be professional to do it successfully; otherwise, it maydisappoint you.

5. Is Painting countertops a good idea?

It is notonly a good idea, but in my view, it is also a great idea to paint thecountertop. A polished and pleasant color will always help you to work in thatenvironment. Besides, you will not require a big budget to paint the counter.

6. What kind of paint to use on countertops?

Acrylicprimer is the best option to color your kitchen surface. These types of paintare mainly water-based. And water-based paints are low in odors and easily cleanable.In addition, acrylic helps to dry the counter very hard for excessive use inthe kitchen.

7. What materials should I use to clean the countertop after finishing my painting?

It mostlydepends on the potency of the paint-grime. The higher the potency, the betterquality cleaner will be needed to clean.

By the way, you can use a mixture of light dish soap and warm water for daily cleaning. However, you should not use any abrasive or acidic cleaner like bleach to clean the surface as it can harm your health.

Final Verdict

Cooking isan art, and we consider the kitchen as an art room. So, shouldn’t we need tokeep this vital place look amazing? Yes, we need it, and we have alreadydescribed how to do it.

The above best countertop paintwill help you look great not only in the kitchen but also in the washroom andyour living and dining room.

So, you can try any one of them to make your living and working place sustainable, colorful, and charming.

Happy Painting;

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