10 Fastest Growing YouTube Channels to Inspire You [2023] (2023)

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During the pandemic, more people tend to spend their time on YouTube watching educational and entertaining videos and other content. As the competition grows, there are so many fastest-growing YouTube channels of 2020 and the fastest growing YouTube channels of 2021. Finding videos on YouTube is now done more efficiently and faster with YouTube's advanced algorithm; users can now search for channels that match their goals and interest, which makes YouTube ahead of other social media platforms.

Creating high-quality and unique content can help you rank among the fastest-growing YouTube channels in 24 hours in your niche. So, let us know how to become the fastest-growing YouTuber below.

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01 Top 10 Fastest-Growing YouTube Channels in 2021

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02 Tips for Boosting Your Channels Fast in 2022

Part 1: Top 10 Fastest-Growing YouTube Channels in 2021

This part will look at the ten fastest-growing YouTube channels to inspire you in 2020-2021.

1. Kati Morton

Total Subscribers: 1.13M


One of the fastest-growing YouTubers with a niche in well-being and mental health, Kati Morton started her YouTube channel on December 22, 2011. She is a perfect example of using your expertise or skills to reach a wider audience.

2. Kim oro

Total Subscribers: 5.23M


Another fastest-growing YouTube channel of 2021 is that of Kim Oro, whose niche is on contemporary social issues. She started her YouTube channel on February 25, 2021, and in a short time, she has gotten a considerable number of fans.

3. Inventor 101

Total Subscribers: 3.66M


Inventor 101 joined YouTube on August 27, 2018, and whose channel is for those with everyday life hacks and who like to get crafty.

4. Topper guild

Total Subscribers: 4.72M

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Topper guild started on July 09, 2014, and accepted the new rule for the game. He is also a popular tiktoker with over 27M followers. He started using the new YouTube feature #short also on TikTok, which also helped him acquire lots of followers.

5. Cocomelon

Total Subscribers: 124M


Cocomelon is a kid channel that started on September 01, 2006, and brings new nursery rhymes in 3D songs and videos in an accessible and fun way.

6. Imkavy

Total Subscribers: 2.98M


Imkavy is a fitness YouTube channel that started on November 11, 2015. She created her first #short videos, which gave her over 1 million views, and later posted short videos mixing them with regular fitness content.

7. Urban Gardening

Total Subscribers: 1.39M


Urban Gardening by Mohit Kumar Singh Rajput from India joined on November 17, 2016, and functions according to its name. It is an individual passion project rather than for business with lots of how-to ideas and tips, which encompasses why it is the fastest-growing YouTube channel in 24 hours.

8. Ilysm Nails

Total Subscribers: 1.07M


Ilysm Nails is a creative nail artist who joined YouTube on May 08, 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown. She also used #short in her videos which gave her many views, making her the fastest growing YouTuber.

9. 5-Minutes Crafts Recycle

Total Subscribers: 10.4M

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5-minute crafts recycle joined YouTube on June 07, 2019, is channel is focused on Do-it-yourself (DIY) and started using #short in 2021, which gave it more views.

10. Hello Seven

Total Subscribers: 4.5K


Hello Seven joined YouTube on January 19, 2012, and focuses on training women to create wealth. Her membership community and business coaching are shown on her YouTube channel.

Part 2: Tips for Boosting Your Channels Fast in 2022

Starting a YouTube channel is one thing, and pushing it to go viral is another and can be pretty tricky. This section of the article will give you a step-by-step guide on boosting your YouTube channel quickly and becoming the fastest growing YouTube channel of 2021 and 2022.

Tip 1: Plan Your Content and create a good YouTube description that clearly states what your channel has to offer and who you are to your viewers.

10 Fastest Growing YouTube Channels to Inspire You [2023] (1)

Tip 2: Upload your YouTube channel icon, logo, or profile picture, and also make sure you have the right equipment to be used.

10 Fastest Growing YouTube Channels to Inspire You [2023] (2)

Tip 3: Another tip to become the fastest growing YouTube channel is to commit yourself to a particular schedule and get inspiration from other sources by listing down your ideas and getting videos from other YouTubers.

Tip 4: Start by editing your videos using a simple video editor like Wondershare Filmora. This does not necessarily boost your content but helps you create good, engaging content.

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Tip 5: optimize your videos and use good thumbnails by using adequate long-tail keyword variations, target keywords, and synonyms. Also, use a good hashtag (#) to reach a wider audience and build your network.

Tip 6: Connect with Your Viewers, Ignore All the Negative Comments, and push for Subscriptions by asking your viewers to subscribe and post engaging content to retain visitors.

So, these were the tips, which, if you follow, can make you the fastest growing YouTuber.

Part 3: FAQs about Fastest Growing YouTube Channels

Let us now move on to some user questions on the fastest-growing YouTube channels.

1. Who is the fastest 1 million YouTuber?

In January 2021, jennierubyjane a channel owned by Jennie Kim, a member of Blackpink (kpop girl group), got 1 million subscribers within 11 hours.

2. Who is gaining the most subscribers?

PewDiePie is gaining the most subscribers, with 111M subscribers in 2021.

3. Which YouTuber lost the most subscribers in 24 hours?

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As a result of her dispute with a fellow vlogger, make-up expert James Charles was the first YouTube personality to lose a million subscribers in 24 hours.


Thus, if you were looking for the fastest growing YouTube channels to inspire you this 2021, this article has saved you the stress. Now, you can help yourself by analyzing and breaking down the various channels. It will help you get cues about ways to boost your channel in 2022 to become the fastest-growing YouTuber.


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